I'd never heard of 12 rounds before but the prospect of combing a HIIT workout with a boxing class compacted into 45 mins really appealed to me, plus having a personal trainer there to motivate you and help out at every station was the real deal clincher. 

Unlike other HIIT style clases I have found 12 rounds to be really flexible as you can just turn up at any time and jump straight into a workout.

I was going to the gym regularly before 12 Round. I'm an avid runner and regularly do the City to Surf. I knew I didnt need a gym when I walked in there, I was looking for a place that would push me harder than I'd push myself. 12 Round has done that for me and that's why I keep training there! It makes it easier when there's a great atmosphere with the other members as well!

Strongy (Alex) and Olly are always there for me to ask questions and I feel energised when they help me train. I love their passion for fitness and work life balance.

Tracking my results on the Myzone App after every work out is awesome and there's great camaraderie on the group chat because you can see how other members are doing as well. The Myzone monitor at the gym tells you how hard you are going by tracking your MEPs per minute. It motivates you to push yourself to get in the red zone. 

Going to the gym or going for a run can become repetitive whereas at 12round's no two days are the same and the set of workouts is changed every 12 hours. You never know what your going to be doing and it challenges you to learn new exercises and new skills. 

I have noticed that the HIIT style of training has made my body slimmer and more defined while also improving my cardiovascular fitness that you get from running or swimming. 

I'd highly recommend 12 Round, and definitely the high intensity interval training (HIIT) style!

Patti Cakes