I am a regular at 12 Round Bondi Junction. 

The inclusiveness is one of the reasons why I love training here. Everyone has a laugh through the exercises and there's a good vibe with the other members.

I love the attitude of the trainers, that it is never boring with the exercises being changed daily and MyZone for challenging me to get in the red zone every round.

I was already a member at Fitness first when I first joined and walked through the doors because I was curious and was also feeling the gym was a bit stale for me. I'd been a member there for years and wasn't sure I actually wanted to leave so kept both memberships running for the first few months. I think that boxing gyms can sometimes feel a bit intimidating particularly if you're a woman, you're afraid that you'll be judged by guys that are really fit and know all the moves and you'll feel silly.

I felt that Alex and Jim were mindful of that, there was never any pressure and I always felt comfortable to ask questions. Their only concern was making sure I got a great workout and before I knew it I was hooked! I'm a big fan of high intensity interval training (HIIT) now!

I think there is a strength and boxing appetite around at the moment, 12 Round incorporates at least four rounds of boxing in every workout and that's been fantastic because now I'm learning a technique and skill I never had before. I feel so strong. My new party trick is picking people up and carrying them around, I'd say I'm pretty good at it haha!

As to main points of difference having tried the main gyms and also some more intense ones and I'd say 12 Round is similar but not the same. It has:

- Boxing

- No class times

- Female friendly

That means for people that want to learn a boxing skill and are time poor it's excellent!


Good one guys, Nicole