I love 12 round!

I'm an avid runner and have always loved exercise but I decided I wanted a more dynamic and intense workout to get me in the best shape for my wedding last January. I saw immediate results and even came second place in a 12 round challenge! I have watched my body transform. Before I started at 12 rounds I could barely do a push up. Now I can do 67 pushups in 3 minutes! I feel strong and confident when I’m in the gym and it makes me want to push myself even harder and see what more I can accomplish. The results are immediate and it’s a great feeling of reward for the hard work you put in.

I get in the zone when I’m there and get the most out of every session. It's only 45 minutes but every round I'm pushed to increase the intensity and time flies!

The Myzone monitor at the gym tells you how you are tracking and motivates you to push yourself to get in the red zone. I love tracking my results on the Myzone App after every work out. It’s fun to see how other members are doing as well.

I always try and get my heart rate up between 80-90% (4 MEPs per minute). Myzone identifies my high intensity activity and is a great tool to monitor your progress from work out to work out.

12 Round has an amazing sense of community. The atmosphere with the other members and trainers is fantastic. Everyone is highly motivated and supportive of one another, whether it be liking each others workouts on the my zone app or just having a laugh and a catch up with the trainers. The loud music makes it so much fun to work out too and is infectious.

The 12 round team is amazing; The trainers are so supportive and motivate me to push myself to my limit. Alex, Olly and Jer are always there for me to ask questions and I feel welcomed and comfortable with them. I love boxing with Jeremy on Saturdays and Alex is always around for me to ask questions about goals I want to achieve or various workshops they organize at the club.

I'd highly recommend 12 Round for its high intensity interval training (HIIT) style! The boxing is great too!

Thanks Team, Julia