Jenny says "When I discovered 12Rounds I wasn’t new to the Eastern Suburbs fitness bubble, and had trained at some great places and some not so great places. However my journey with 12Rounds started at the end of a particularly tough 2016 and having all the stuffing pretty much knocked out of me. I comfort ate for months on end, gained kilos and lost masses of confidence – in regards to both my ability to train and when I looked in the mirror.

Knowing the positive effects of exercise from past experience, I made the right steps by joining a well-known chain of gyms, only to have a trial session with a ‘PT’ which resulted in me leaving the gym in tears. Luckily I stumbled across 12Rounds on my usual daily commute home from Bondi Junction station. I popped my head in to be greeted by the lovely Olwyn who had a chat with me. She didn’t apply any pressure whatsoever, explained the concept and let me make up my own mind. I went for a trial session with Jeremy, who understood that I’d had a fair amount of time off exercise and tailored the first session for me. Needless to say I’ve never looked back.

I haven’t experienced the results I’ve had with 12Rounds with anywhere else. The concept is simple, proven, and it works. The workouts are hard and they push you to your limits, but the adrenalin rush at the end is addictive. Top that with friendly members, even friendlier trainers (egos do not belong here!) and you are in for a fun workout – I actually look forward to my sessions.

Up to now I have lost just under 10kgs on the scales, gained muscle mass and lost a total of 37.5cm all over my body..

I recently got married in Bali and I can’t thank Alex, Olwyn, Jeremy and Jimmy enough for making me feel like a princess on my wedding day. To have that confidence walking down the aisle, and feeling happy with people taking pictures of me on the beach in a bikini means the absolute world to me. They worked closely with me, understood my goals and kept me focussed. It goes without saying I highly recommend the 12Round family. It really is something different – don’t ever be afraid to give it a go, and just like me – I doubt you’ll look back."