Over the last 2 years we’ve had the opportunity to work with many members. Some members that have been with us since we first opened, made an impact on all of the staff and had unique stories to share. Even now, we enjoy watching their progress!



I'm an avid runner and have always loved exercise but I decided I wanted a more dynamic and intense workout to get me in the best shape for my wedding last January. I saw immediate results and even came second place in a 12 round challenge! I have watched my body transform. Before I started at 12 rounds I could barely do a push up. Now I can do 67 pushups in 3 minutes! I feel strong and confident when I’m in the gym and it makes me want to push myself even harder and see what more I can accomplish.

I get in the zone when I’m there and get the most out of every session. It's only 45 minutes but every round I'm pushed to increase the intensity and time flies!



I love that everyone has a laugh through the exercises and there's a good vibe with the other members.

I was already a member at Fitness first when I first joined and walked through the doors because I was curious and was also feeling the gym was a bit stale for me. I'd been a member there for years and wasn't sure I actually wanted to leave so kept both memberships running for the first few months. I think that boxing gyms can sometimes feel a bit intimidating particularly if you're a woman, you're afraid that you'll be judged by guys that are really fit and know all the moves and you'll feel silly. I love that it is never boring with the exercises being changed daily and MyZone for challenging me to get in the red zone every round.



I'd never heard of 12 rounds before but the prospect of combing a HIIT workout with a boxing class compacted into 45 mins really appealed to me, plus having a personal trainer there to motivate you and help out at every station was the real deal clincher. I knew I didn’t need a gym when I walked in there, I was looking for a place that would push me harder than I'd push myself.

Unlike other HIIT style classes I have found 12 rounds to be really flexible as you can just turn up at any time and jump straight into a workout.



When I discovered 12Rounds I wasn’t new to the Eastern Suburbs fitness bubble, and had trained at some great places and some not so great places. However my journey with 12Rounds started at the end of a particularly tough 2016 and having all the stuffing pretty much knocked out of me. I comfort ate for months on end, gained kilos and lost masses of confidence – in regards to both my ability to train and when I looked in the mirror.

Knowing the positive effects of exercise from past experience, I made the right steps by joining a well-known chain of gyms, only to have a trial session with a ‘PT’ which resulted in me leaving the gym in tears. Luckily I stumbled across 12Rounds on my usual daily commute home from Bondi Junction station.



I will not forget what Alex said at first, ‘ you have already done the hard part by walking in here’, meaning of course that gyms can sometimes feel a bit intimidating particularly if you think you don’t fit the demographic. However that said the club has never been more inclusive of everybody regardless of fitness levels, body shape, age or anything.

This inclusiveness is one of the things why I love training here. But I also like the attitude of the trainers the way the training is organized and that it is never boring with the exercises being changed daily....