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One of the best things I have ever done for myself was walk into 12Rnd Fitness Gym in Bondi Junction. I had, like a lot of my peers, been deliberating about joining a gym to improve my health but had been putting it off and putting it off.

Finally a wakeup call when I had to have two stents put in one of the arteries of my heart so I set out with determination to find a place to train. I had decided on another well-known gym and was literally on my way there when I noticed the bill board at the top of the escalators at Bondi junction announcing the opening of 12Rnd Gym that week!

Well call it co-incidence or fate but I walked in also tempted a bit by the free offers available for the first 50 members! However far more influencing was the welcome I received from Alex and Jim the club managers. I will not forget what Alex said at first, ‘ you have already done the hard part by walking in here’, meaning of course that gyms can sometimes feel a bit intimidating particularly if you think you don’t fit the demographic. However that said the club has never been more inclusive of everybody regardless of fitness levels, body shape, age or anything.

This inclusiveness is one of the things why I love training here. But I also like the attitude of the trainers the way the training is organized and that it is never boring with the exercises being changed daily, regular challenges and competitions all helps to keep me motivated. Just another rap for the trainers, all of whom have really helped me enjoy the training and by the way I just happened to have lost over 5 kgs of fat and importantly 2cm off of my waistline without changing my diet which includes many of those things that perhaps I should be giving away by now...ah well.

I would certainly recommend 12Round Fitness for all these reasons as well as the fact that since I joined in October every week I feel healthier, have more energy, sleeping well and loving live. Thanks Alex, Jim, Alec and Olly for your enthusiasm, vitality but most of all for your welcome.

Regards Charlie