Meal replacement - Banoffee inspired!

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Check out this Banoffee inspired smoothie!!! 

  • Cinnamon tumeric - teaspoon spike
  • Almond milk - cup / half a cup
  • Banana - half
  • Maple syrup - squirt
  • Cocoa nibs - inside and sprinkle on top
  • Protein powder - Himalayan Salted Caramel, Banana Split and Bananas N' Cream

Some facts

  1. Cinnamon and turmeric help metabolize sugars to combat the insulin
  2. Recommended flavour with this recipe: Prana Himalayan Salted Caramel!

Energy fitness and balance


In 2017, Sydney, coming into the festive season, calendar year deadline fast approaching it seems more important and yet more impossible to achieve balance in your energy and fitness levels. Social goals and fitness goals can often feel in conflict. Work goals and fitness goals can also feel in conflict.

Do I go out drinking tonight? It will almost always mean that exercise the next morning you had planned falls to the wayside. 

Without sounding cheesy at 12 Round we understand that happens to all of us. We don’t want you to feel bad about it because it can be your rest day and you can embrace that, going for a long walk in the afternoon with friends instead. Coming into summer there is opportunities to go out drinking nearly every night and exercising the next day seems to take a back seat. Doing this every day means you’ll lower your chances of reaching your fitness goals it will also effect your mind, your spirit and your emotions.

Balance in life

Our work, social activities with our partner, friends and family and fitness all need to feature. This helps promote positivity. In 2007 Harvard Business review published an article called ‘Manage your energy not your time’ . 

The main message - The core problem with working longer hours is that time is a finite resource. Energy is a different story. The basis of the Energy project that they used was about incorporating rituals. We will summarise it next week because there's a lot to learn from the research.

This week find the time to do this short quiz.

Know when you undertake it that on average, participants got 8 to 10 of those 16 questions “wrong” meaning they were skipping breakfast, failing to express appreciation to others, finding it difficult to focus on one thing at a time, or spending little time on activities that gave a sense of purpose. While most participants weren’t surprised to learn these behaviours were counterproductive, having them all listed in one place was cathartic but also sobering. 

Short Quiz


__ I don’t regularly get at least seven to eight hours of sleep, and I often wake up feeling tired.

__ I frequently skip breakfast, or I settle for something that isn’t nutritious.

__ I don’t work out enough (meaning cardiovascular training at least three times a week and strength training at least once a week).

__ I don’t take regular breaks during the day to truly renew and recharge, or I often eat lunch at my desk, if I eat it at all.


__ I frequently find myself feeling irritable, impatient, or anxious at work, especially when work is demanding.

__ I don’t have enough time with my family and loved ones, and when I’m with them, I’m not always really with them.

__ I have too little time for the activities that I most deeply enjoy.

__ I don’t stop frequently enough to express my appreciation to others or to savor my accomplishments and blessings.


__ I have difficulty focusing on one thing at a time, and I am easily distracted during the day, especially by e-mail.

__ I spend much of my day reacting to immediate crises and demands rather than focusing on activities with longer-term value and high leverage.

__ I don’t take enough time for reflection, strategizing, and creative thinking.

__ I work in the evenings or on weekends, and I almost never take an e-mail–free vacation.


__ I don’t spend enough time at work doing what I do best and enjoy most.

__ There are significant gaps between what I say is most important to me in my life and how I actually allocate my time and energy.

__ My decisions at work are more often influenced by external demands than by a strong, clear sense of my own purpose.

__ I don’t invest enough time and energy in making a positive difference to others or to the world.• • •

How is your overall energy?

Total number of statements checked: __

Guide to scores

0–3: Excellent energy management skills

4–6: Reasonable energy management skills

7–10: Significant energy management deficits

11–16: A full-fledged energy management crisis

What do you need to work on?

Number of checks in each category:

Body __

Mind __

Emotions __

Spirit __

Guide to category scores

0: Excellent energy management skills

1: Strong energy management skills

2: Significant deficits

3: Poor energy management skills

4: A full-fledged energy crisis


It’s worthwhile taking a step back and keeping a calendar or your social and fitness activities so you can promote balance

Social activities - 2 to 3 per week to achieve balance

Fitness activities - 3 minimum per week ongoing (recurring calendar invites to yourself can help)

Incorporating friends into your fitness regime - to keep you motivated this will have positive results on your Mind, Emotions and Spirit.

Reasons to get some gloves


Looking and feeling good is something we all love but it’s heaps more awesome when you’re learning a skill which enables you to be able to kick a*s (if you ever need to!)

There’s a boxing craze at the moment. There’s now more boxing gloves being bought than yoga mats on Amazon, and that’s saying something! Celebs like Gigi Hadid, the Victoria Secret Girls: Giselle Bundchen, Adriana Lima, even Khloe Kardashian like it. Half their instagrams like it too! 

Why we love boxing at 12 ROUND is that people can get a lot of the tension they’ve built up during the day. Maybe you’re already hooked, maybe you’re not but if you’re not you should think about getting on board!

Boxing with men has always had a steady base and fights like the Connor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather fight in August this year has helped raise the boxing profile further.

More impressive however is how boxing for women has taken off. Women are often initially intimidated by the idea of boxing, even those that are fit because it’s combative and the idea of changing body shapes to the stereotypical male image of a more bulky, muscly, less feminine body shape is not something women want. Boxing is a fantastic way of toning and sculpting muscles and the rest isn’t apart of reality

Punching a bag, skipping away, squatting, repetitive weight movements, the rowing, the cycle bike. All of this is incorporated into boxing training i a way that makes you’re body stronger and leaner, it is an all round exercise for women as well as men.

1. A healthy heart

The real benefit of exercise is keeping us healthy for longer. By keeping your heart strong you’ll be able to achieve this. Boxing is a great workout for your heart and so is HIIT because of the short bursts of intense exercise. 

“You breathe heavily in a good boxing workout and this increases the rate at which your heart pumps blood around your body. An increased heart beat strengthens your heart's muscles and lowers your chances of developing cardiovascular complications such as heart attacks and strokes.

2. It makes you FIT

If you want to get the most out of your body then you need to work it the right way through a variety of different forms of exercise and keeping your heart rate at the right level. Just going to the gym and hopping on the cycle won’t cut it (sorry Anytime fitness!)

To achieve overall fitness you need aerobic and anaerobic exercise and both of these are in boxing workouts in spades. oxing is around 75% anaerobic and 25% aerobic. It helps maintain the heart rate at 80-85% regular heartbeat which is the recommended range if you are exercising.

This needs to be translated… and it all comes down to oxygen. Aerobic exercise is low energy exercise that can be done for extended periods of time - think yoga or swimming. Aerobic exercise is relatively gentle so your body can maintain a decent amount of oxygen which is then carried to your muscles to use as fuel. This type of exercise is good for burning fat and improving cardiovascular health.

Anaerobic exercise is any short, intense exercise like HIIT and uses up oxygen fast. Lactic acid is produced so your body will not be able to sustain its energy levels for long periods. This type of exercise increases your muscle mass, metabolism, endurance and your ability to keep fatigue at bay….therefore making you fitter.

Boxing is sounding good already heyyyyy

3. See you later calories

Boxing is a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout so it goes without saying that it burns through HEAPS of calories.

An hour of boxing burns around 500 calories depending on your weight and the intensity of the workout. An advanced female boxer on a high intensity boxing workout can burn more than 800 calories an hour.

4. Burns fat fast

Boxing doesn't jus burn any fat, you also lose visceral fat which is the fat around the stomach.

Visceral fat is a key player in a variety of health concerns, so getting rid of it is critical.

Combining resistance work like push ups, lunges, ropes, the rowing machine, squats and other circuit style exercises make it all round. This is one of the best things about 12 ROUND. You turn up and all of this has been thought through, all you need to do is do it.

5. Get stronger

Strength training is even more important that burning fat and boxing has it in spades. It builds speed and endurance through involving different forms of movement and repetitive motions of the whole body. These repetitive movements build power all over your body, especially your arms, legs and core areas.

6. Busts stress 

Punching it out ca be incredibly therapeutic. The punching motion relieves physical and mental stress. It can decrease stress hormones like cortisol and increase endorphins which make you feel good about yourself thereby increasing your natural confidence.

7. Tone up!

Because boxing is a high repetitive workout, it results in toning rather than building muscle. How good is that, especially before summer, when you’re launching into summer sports like paddle boarding, surfing and kayaking. Fun!

8. Workout your entire body

A boxing training session involves every muscle in the body - the core legs, arms, chest, shoulders, back muscles. Your abs and obliques will really awaken.

9. Boost your confidence

The contact when you make that popping sound of glove to pad is satisfying and when you begin doing combinations your self confidence can’t help but get a nudge. You feel strong and powerful and that’s energising.

10. Gain a buddy

When you box you generally do it in pairs which means that you are gaining buddy or getting to know heaps of people in a group environment and are ganging buddies in your network. Sometimes you don’t know where the conversations will lead you to in a career sense. It’s great to open up and chat as you’re going. It’s not all hard work!

Breakfast smoothies - Yea!

Raw green boxing bondi junction.png

We all know that starting off the day with an awesome brekkie makes us feel good and ready for what the day has in store. If you're trying to get results quickly making a good choice first thing in the morning can help you achieve your goals. Add a bit of protein powder so you feel fuller for longer (but you dont have to). They key is to put fruits and veg you love so you can stick with the routine.

Its an added bonus that you can save on your living expenses by having breakfast smoothies because it means you dont go for that breakfast juice, coffee or toast on the go saving you around $50 every week.

Tightly pack 1 cup of leafy greens in a measuring cup, then follow with berries, banana, ice cubes, protein if you have it and then toss into blender. Add coconut water and blend together until all leafy chunks are gone. Add ice and blend again until smooth. Pour into a sealed cup so you can drink it on the go.

Serves: 1


  • 1 cup spinach
  • 1 frozen banana pieces
  • 6 blueberries
  • 2 strawberries
  • 150ml coconut water
  • 4 ice cubes
  • 1 tbl sp protein powder


  • if you forget /dont have any of the above don't worry - substitute in  more of what you do have
  • substitute coconut water for water
  • add rolled outs for fibre
  • experiment with different fruits of the season - substitute mango, pineapple fruits in
  • flavour changers like fresh mint and ginger can be awesome to throw in
  • we love the amazonia, raw range (rice, pea and veg based protein powders that help you feel full for longer)
  • Check it out
  • Our fave pick is

Is There A Perfect Schedule for Fitness?


Do you work out for a living? Chances are that you don’t and you don't have a limitless number of hours to spend in the gym every week. Workout variety is an awesome thing, but endless moves, classes, and online programs sometimes make knowing where to start a battle. Cardio, strength training, and rest are all major aspects of living an active lifestyle, but how much of each should you be doing? 

If you're looking to maintain your fitness level, your magic number of days depends on how active you already are.  For body change you need a minimum of of two to three sessions PLUS a very strong focus on diet, around 70% diet and 30% exercise is the general ratio. But if your body is used to six days a week, two days probably won't cut it.

Alex Strong, Manager of 12 ROUND Fitness, can help. The breakdown varies depending on your specific goals, but in general, four to five days a week will do the trick if you're aiming to increase your fitness and stay in shape. If you're going for the full five, then three days should focus on strength training, two days should focus on cardio, and two days should be active rest. If you only want to work out four days a week, think about your goals: If you want to add muscle tone, cut a cardio day. If you want to improve endurance, skip a strength day. Or, switch it each week.

Here's how to nail it at each one:

Strength Training

"Makes you massive! Just kidding, says Alex. (12RND leads to increased lean muscle mass, not bulk). An increase in muscle mass will lead to an elevated metabolic rate which means that you’ll burn more calories when you're not working out. And it also strengthens joints and bones".

How Often: Three times per week.

How Long: A strength training session should last at least 45 minutes. Add at least a five-minute warm-up beforehand and foam rolling.

How To Do It: Include upper and lower body moves, you want to have a balance between pushing and pulling movements. For example, a pushing movement would be a chest press, and a pulling movement would be a row. Do different moves in each of the three strength sessions, but repeat them every week. "Stay with a program for four to six weeks and progressively increase the weight". The week before your last week, drop off a little, to give your body some recovery, and then in the last week, really push it hard." Machines re great but bodyweight moves like squats, dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX suspension trainers are also great. What’s awesome is that 12 ROUND incorporates all of this in every session without you thinking about it.

Bonus Tip: You can improve other elements of your fitness with strength training. "Incorporating flexibility work in the warm-up and during your workout will make sure you are completing the full range of the movement". By working on coordination during the warm-up with non-linear movements and patterns like crawling your balance can be improved (engage your core!), doing single-leg exercises like scissors are good too.


Strength training is important but cardio has its place in a balanced workout routine, too. Doing cardio keeps your circulatory system working, will help you recover and improve your endurance. What it does for your body is increase your VO2 max which then helps your body utilize oxygen. How good.

How Often: Two to three times per week.

How Long: Depending on which sports medicine body you go to recommendations are for logging around 150 minutes of moderate-to-intense activity per week. Longer, steady-state sessions vs. shorter HIIT workouts like 12 ROUND will lead to variations on that.

How To Do It: What’s awesome is that you have heaps of options available to you and many can be done outside the gym. The summer weather is here so why not advantage: an outdoor jog, the rowing machine, a swim in the ocean. Whether an exercise is cardiovascular depends on where your heart rate is at and how long you’re doing it for". Target heart rates are different for everyone, that’s why we recommend using a MYZONE because it will work that out for you. There’s heaps of apps that do it too and fitbits are now inexpensive too. A good baseline to aim for during your cardio routine is between 120 and 150 beats per minute for at least 45 minutes. "I’m a big fan of doing functional movements to keep my heart rate up" says Alex. For example, consider kettlebell swings: while they can also fit into strength training, they have a place in a cardio workout, too. The aim is to do more reps within a time span to keep your heart rate elevated. It also improves your agility, while getting in your cardio.

Bonus Tip: Another option is bringing interval training into your workouts. It will help you burn more calories in the same time as your steady state. Doing an intense 30 seconds of hard training work followed by 30 seconds of active recovery is good. You can apply this to almost anything. 

Rest Days

A rest day should be considered active recovery, meaning you don't have to hit the gym or break a serious sweat, but you should do something like a walk. It’s about a physical and mental recovery. Your body can recover and rebuild and this means that when you get back to your workout you’re refreshed and ready to hit it hard. 

How Often: Two times per week.

How Long: Aim for 30-60 minutes.

How To Do It: A yoga class, a walk with friends or the dog all counts, it just needs to get you moving.

Bonus Tip: Rest wherever is convenient. If you do your workouts Monday through Friday, then take the weekend off. It’s all about having good fitness habits.

Closing words

Want results? You’ll need to have fun and be inspired that will mean you have the best chance of having a routine you can stick with. "I’ve seen so many people try to fit workouts in inconsistently and they don’t end up achieving the results they want and have negative experiences," says Alex. So, no matter what you commit to your goal should be to stick to it. Engage with those around you that want to help or someone you look up to, they’ll help get you where you want to be.